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Welcome from the University of Maryland's Student Honor Council!

Student Honor Council  

Welcome to the University of Maryland’s Student Honor Council Website. Fundamental to this University is upholding a strong sense of integrity, character, and ethics. It is crucial that students and faculty alike are aware of the expectations the University has of them for all members of the campus community are held to these standards. This website has been designed to educate individuals as to what these expectations amount to and to how the Honor Council functions.

The Honor Council serves two purposes at this University, we both adjudicate many of the incidences of suspected academic dishonesty referred to the Office of Student Conduct and we try to inform the community on the importance of academic integrity. This University is unique in that students are given a considerable amount of responsibility when it comes to academic honesty. We take pride in the fact that we have essentially pioneered the idea of a modified honor code and that we have served as a model for other schools hoping to implement similar policies. We hope to extend this sense of pride and integrity throughout the campus in the hopes that students will understand why we take academic honesty so seriously.

I hope you will find all that you need on this website, however do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or comments.

Linden Bernhardt 

Student Honor Council Chair 2012-2013