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Referring a Student for Academic Dishonesty

Per Section 2 of the Code of Academic Integrity, all members of the University of Maryland community are encouraged to report violations of the Code:

Academic dishonesty is a corrosive force in the academic life of a university. It jeopardizes the quality of education and depreciates the genuine achievements of others. It is, without reservation, a responsibility of all members of the campus community to actively deter it. Apathy or acquiescence in the presence of academic dishonesty is not a neutral act. Histories of institutions demonstrate that a laissez-faire response will reinforce, perpetuate, and enlarge the scope of such misconduct. Institutional reputations for academic dishonesty are regrettable aspects of modern education. These reputations become self-fulfilling and grow, unless vigorously challenged by students and faculty alike.2 All members of the University community-students, faculty, and staff-share the responsibility and authority to challenge and make known acts of apparent academic dishonesty. 

Information about the referral process may be found here

To refer a student for academic dishonesty, fill out this form.