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Appealing the Decision of an Honor Review

Filing An Appeal

If the Honor Board finds you have committed an act of academic dishonesty, you will be sent a copy of the Board's findings and sanction(s) via email. In cases where the Board determines the appropriate sanction to be less than suspension or expulsion, the finding and the sanction will be final unless you submit an appeal.

If you wish to file an appeal, you must notify the Student Honor Council in writing of your intent within five (5) business days after the Board's written decision is emailed to you. You should know that the Dean of the college in which the incident occurred may also appeal the decision. While you may appeal both the finding of responsibility and the penalty, the Dean may appeal the penalty only.

After notifying the Student Honor Council of your intent to appeal the decision, you then have ten (10) additional business days to submit the written appeal to the Honor Council Executive Committee. You should know that in reviewing your request, Executive Committee members (or their designees):

  1. May only reduce sanctions if the penalty or penalties are found to be grossly disproportionate to the offense.
  2. May only remand cases to a new Honor Board in instances of substantial procedural errors, interpretive errors, or the emergence of significant evidence that you could not have produced through diligence at the initial hearing.
  3. May only dismiss cases if the original finding is deemed arbitrary and capricious.

Regardless of whether an appeal is filed, sanctions of suspension require the approval of the Vice President for Student Affairs and may be altered, deferred, or withheld. The President must approve sanctions of expulsion, and again, they may be altered, deferred, or withheld.


All information pertaining to the referral process can be found in the Code of Academic Integrity Parts 24-29

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