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Assistance with Allegations of Academic Dishonesty

Students accused of violating the Code of Academic Integrity have resources available to them on campus. The Student Legal Aid Office can help undergraduate students at any step in the process. For graduate students, the Graduate Student Legal Aid Office can offer guidance. While participation from these offices is not required, nor is it guaranteed by the Code of Academic Integrity, you may wish to speak with them, as they can help guide you and prepare throughout the process. 

If you would like further information pertaining to aid offered on campus please visit the following links: (undergraduate legal aid) (graduate legal aid)

Should a a disciplanary matter be resolved in a conference or a hearing, students are afforded these rights regarding representation per part 25 of the Code of Academic Integrity:
  • The accused student may be assisted by an advocate, who must be a registered, degree-seeking student at the University. The role of the advocate will be limited to: 1. Making brief opening and closing statements, as well as comments on appropriate sanction. 2. Suggesting relevant questions which the Presiding Officer may direct to witness. 3. Providing confidential advice to the student.
  • The accused student may also be accompanied by an advisor, who may be an attorney. The role of the advisor during an Honor Review will be limited to providing confidential advice only to the accused student, not the advocate, provided such advice is given without interfering with or disrupting the Honor Review

Information taken from the Code of Academic Integrity and